About Us

Our Vision

Kings Church Coventry is committed to Jesus and making Jesus known through the biblical Word and work of the Holy Spirit.

The heart of Kings is built around four key areas:

  • Prayer-filled lives
  • Relational communities
  • Developing leadership
  • Giving to the poor

Dave Jamieson’s (founder of King’s Church Coventry) heart for local church ignited in December 1978 when he had an angelic visitation and a prophetic word from the Lord. These are some of the words he received:

“I am doing a new work in these days prior to my coming again. There will be an outpouring of my Spirit in a new, yet old way on the final in-gathering of my children into my body. This will make my body one body. They will be united locally as the people of God, Jesus’ people, and the world will see clearly the love they have for one another.”

The church began meeting in one-another’s homes until they eventually moved to meet in Cheylesmore Community Centre. They are known today as King’s Church Coventry.

The church is now lead by a team of six people (3 couples) as it continues to grow and develop. The ongoing purpose, to be an expression of God’s love in the local community, still remains at the heart of the church Dave planted.