Sunday 21st January 2018
Our Heart is...
Jesus, The Bible and work of Holy Spirit
Kings is...
developing leadership and giving to the poor
Kings is...
Relational communities, making Jesus known
Kings is...
Biblical devotion mirroring prayer-filled lives

A Christ Centred Community

Devoted to seeing our community transformed.

The heart behind Kings Church

Our aim is to build a Christ Centred Community: A community that demonstrates and lives out the principles of Jesus Christ. Our vision is to impact the wider community of which we are a part, and that Cheylesmore itself would become a Christ Centred Community – one that lives with integrity, love and compassion.

We are a registered charity and a part of a wider national network of churches called Pioneer. We have connections with other churches in Coventry and we are also a part of a network of eight local churches, containing a range of denominations, known as South Coventry Churches.

We hope our website helps you to find out everything you would like to know about King’s Church Coventry.
If you do have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Dave Jamieson’s (founder of King’s Church Coventry) heart for local church ignited in December 1978 when he had an angelic visitation and a prophetic word from the Lord. These are some of the words he received:

“I am doing a new work in these days prior to my coming again. There will be an outpouring of my Spirit in a new, yet old way on the final in-gathering of my children into my body. This will make my body one body. They will be united locally as the people of God, Jesus’ people, and the world will see clearly the love they have for one another.”

From this time on Dave was inspired to see a local expression of church at the centre of a community so when the family moved to Cheylesmore they began meeting with other local Christians on Sunday afternoons. They began meeting in one-another’s homes until they eventually moved to meet in Cheylesmore Community Centre. They are known today as King’s Church Coventry.

Dave sadly passed away in 2010 and so currently his son, Paul, is leading the church and managing the community centre. The ongoing purpose, to be an expression of God’s love in the local community, still remains at the heart of the church Dave planted over 20 years ago.

Our Vision

Our heart is to balance the biblical Word and work of the Holy Spirit in our actions and teaching.
Kings is building the church around 6 key areas included in the statements below.
The heart of Kings is biblical devotion mirroring prayer-filled lives.
The heart of Kings is relational communities, making Jesus known.
The heart of Kings is developing leadership and giving to the poor.

Core Leaders

  • Nalin Savjani
    Nalin SavjaniChurch Leader
  • Paul Jamieson
    Paul JamiesonChurch Team Leader

Wider Leadership

  • Dan Grimes
    Dan GrimesWorship Coordinator/Wider Leadership
  • Joe Jamieson
    Joe JamiesonTrustee/Wider Leadership
    • Sheila Knight
      Sheila KnightWider Leadership
      • Doug Whiffen
        Doug WhiffenHead of Trustees/Wider Leadership

      Nexus Student Links

      • Paul Jamieson
        Paul JamiesonChurch Team Leader
      • Dan Grimes
        Dan GrimesWorship Coordinator/Wider Leadership