When They Get Older

‘When They Get Older’ is a website aimed at anyone whose parents are getting older and struggling to deal with the changes that come as they age.

Sandra Bullen, a long-time member of the Pioneer Network (River Church) has recently set up this web service, stating: “We created When They Get Older to meet a very clear and growing need. The site provides information and insights that can be trusted, and directs you to sources where you can find more detail on any topic we discuss. We don’t believe in simply regurgitating what’s already available elsewhere though. That’s why we are investigating topics and wrapping our findings around the experiences and advice of people who have already trodden the path. And our focus is always on you, the child of ageing parents, and your needs.”

The site deals with things like, coping with dementia, loneliness and fear, and it is actually an extremely positive tool that can help equip the ‘child’ to deal with, and understand, their parents needs in a loving way.

Click here to visit the site and sign up for the newsletter.

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