Kings Church Coventry is committed to developing Christ-Centered communities. We welcome all students to come to Kings and offer a wide range of support, from Discipleship/Mentoring sessions, to student cell and dedicated prayer nights. As well as this there are also opportunities to get involved in local mission events.

We want to partner with local Christian Unions and Nexus to help see more students strengthen their faith and step into the life that God has for each of them.

Small Groups

The biological cell is a basic building-block of life. Healthy cells multiply themselves millions of times in the course of a lifetime. Each new cell looks identical to the original cell because the DNA branded nucleus multiplies itself before the cell reproduces. In this way, the first cell is as healthy and productive as the newest cell formed. The cells work together as organs, muscles, bone and skin to make the body function as a true miracle from God.

A small group is very similar to a biological cell. Followers of Jesus share their lives together, showing the love of God through actions and deeds between one another and those around us.  As the Small Groups develop, new leaders are raised up from within the group to act as leaders when the Small group multiplies; and so the process repeats itself.

Small groups meet weekly in homes and come together with other small groups as a local body at Sunday services. Both gatherings are vital! The group meets to experience Christ’s love through others in a small intimate setting. The Sunday service is to experience God in corporate worship and to receive teaching from His Word. Both are necessary for God’s people to be empowered and encouraged, finding purpose in what they do on Monday to Friday.

King’s Kids (5-10′s)

Here at King’s we recognise that, as our future, it is important to enable children to grow and build their relationship with God. We want our children to learn who the God of the Bible is and how Jesus can transform their lives. Our vision is to see God working in the lives of children and their families, to see children on fire for God actively worshiping praying and reaching out.

After the worship time the kids will leave the service to join their own groups where they can get involved in activities and learn more about Jesus.


During our Sunday morning service a creche room is available for children under 5. This is overseen by other parents and church members. Crèche allows parents the opportunity to enjoy the church service without having to be concerned with looking after their children. It provides a safe environment for children to play and learn together.

King’s Youth (10+)

Anyone aged 10 plus can join the King’s youth in their activities. This group will also leave the service after worship.

Kidz Klub Cheylesmore

King’s Church give regular support to Kidz Klub Coventry and many of our members are involved in running the Cheylesmore club which launched on the 7th March 2013. Kidz Klub is a fun, weekly event, that seeks to show the love of Jesus to kids in the local community. The initiative is aimed specifically at unchurched kids but children from all backgrounds are welcome to come along and join in the madness!

Kidz Klub is for children aged 6-12 and it’s full of fun, games (usually including gunge), funky songs, and interactive teaching from the Bible! If your kids are aged 6-12 then why not bring them and their friends along to Kidz Klub Cheylesmore? (Don’t worry, you don’t have to stay and risk getting gunged!

Kidz Klub Cheylesmore meets every Thursday during term-time, between 5pm-6.10pm at Cheylesmore Community Centre, Arundel Road, CV3 5JX. For more information, or to join the team, email