King’s Weekend Away 2015

King’s Church Weekend Away: May 1st – 4th (May bank holiday).


We will be staying at Quinta Christian Centre (

This is a really great time to get away as church and relax! We have special guests Chris & Wumi Donald coming to lead worship which is really exciting! Chris attended King’s for many years having been placed at King’s whilst studying at Nexus I.C.A (See articles for info on Nexus I.C.A). Now married to the wonderful Wumi, they live in the ‘big smoke’ (London) and work as creative geniuses, in all things music, art, computer and clothes related.

King’s Leadership are currently working on the teaching sessions, looking at some exciting themes. It is the hope and prayer from the leadership of King’s that we can get all of King’s Church to the weekend away. Please do all you can to attend this special once a year event. Sign up sheets will be available on Sunday! Don’t Miss Out!


If you would like more information on the event or would like to sign up over email please contact Stew Garry on



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